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gretel and hansel

2009-10-23 14:38:49 by djkingdb

Our new game Gretel and Hansel went up the other day. It was a lot of fun to work on. For those of you that have played it, thanks for playing. I hope we were able to get you interested in playing parts II and III which are in development.

Thanks for the comments and messages. It's great to be getting good feedback!



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2009-10-24 00:59:22

I loved the game! The animation was awesome and original! I can't wait for 2 and 3!


2009-10-28 12:33:45

Hey I just wanted to stop by and say the artwork in this game is amazing and love every fine detail you guys implemented. I am eagerly looking forward to the sequel. :)


2009-10-31 19:03:04

i loved your game dude fantastic animation!


2009-11-01 18:46:54

so there's a secuel... great I'll be looking forward to it =D


2009-12-06 14:36:16

i love the game and can't wait for part 2 and i got almost all the medals!


2010-08-27 03:28:29

I absolutely love the gorgeous style of Gretel & Hansel. Reminds me of sepia watercolors with a hint of spilled coffee and dirt stains. Rather fitting for the game!

djkingdb responds:

thanks! yeah it's mostly gouache on paper.


2010-09-02 02:11:15

Will have these designs as extras in the next game?

(Sorry for my english)


2010-09-17 08:50:43

nice work


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