Entry #2


2010-10-12 07:56:22 by djkingdb

so Gretel 2 is up. Thanks everyone for the wait. (I know I'm posting this late, but I'm out of the country at the moment, which added some extra complications to getting this out to you guys on time/not too late).
We put the slightest more time and effort into this one and really hope you guys enjoy it. Your comments and reviews (both generous and critical) have been great and really helped motivate us toward the release of this 2nd installment.

Many thanks to the man behind MakoPudding for carrying the load before lauch. It's been a fun project (and will continue to be) to be part of.



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2010-10-13 16:25:14

Great job on the game.


2010-10-15 19:20:19

Just please dont end this masterpiece series with only 3 parts :(


2010-10-16 16:41:36

You terminated fucker.


2010-10-19 02:00:16

Great work on the game, keep up the hard work man. :D


2010-10-19 09:11:05

thanks for the compliments;
rest assured, we're hoping to get these bugs squashed soon...


2010-11-17 20:02:14

If your hansel then why are you robot?


2011-01-11 23:56:55

love the art style. Really makes the game an even better point and click adventure


2011-12-06 09:53:05

Get 3 out!!! get 3 out!!!


2016-02-14 15:05:33

hello,i would like to see if you know if you're working on Gretel and Hansel 3 or stop working on it please reply i would be happy if you do that thank you and good bye.


2017-08-01 19:14:18

Dude any signs of Gretel and Hansel 3?