2010-10-12 07:56:22 by djkingdb

so Gretel 2 is up. Thanks everyone for the wait. (I know I'm posting this late, but I'm out of the country at the moment, which added some extra complications to getting this out to you guys on time/not too late).
We put the slightest more time and effort into this one and really hope you guys enjoy it. Your comments and reviews (both generous and critical) have been great and really helped motivate us toward the release of this 2nd installment.

Many thanks to the man behind MakoPudding for carrying the load before lauch. It's been a fun project (and will continue to be) to be part of.


gretel and hansel

2009-10-23 14:38:49 by djkingdb

Our new game Gretel and Hansel went up the other day. It was a lot of fun to work on. For those of you that have played it, thanks for playing. I hope we were able to get you interested in playing parts II and III which are in development.

Thanks for the comments and messages. It's great to be getting good feedback!